Low-Dollar Lou


Alec Pendleton(Courtesy of Guest Blogger Alec Pendleton, Big Ideas for Small Companies, powered by The MPI Group)

In a not-very-nice part of the town where I grew up, there was a used-car lot with a prominent sign reading: “Low-Dollar Lou has the Best Buy for You!” A quick look at his scraggly inventory and an even quicker encounter with Lou himself, with his broad smile and his two-handed handshake (the better to remove my watch?), led me to doubt that his slogan was true.

Every survey of buyers I’ve ever seen ranks price well down the list of priorities, lower than such things as quality, reliability, trustworthiness, location, convenience, etc. — yet the vast majority of advertising focuses first and foremost on price. A large metropolitan area might have as many as a dozen Chevrolet dealers, for example, and yet somehow every one of them has the lowest price. Furniture stores, grocery stores, gas stations, pizza shops, and even Lexus dealers want the world to know how low, low, LOW their prices are.

But why? I can only assume these merchants think that price is more important to customers than the surveys report. And yet, does a Lexus dealer really believe that price is the primary motivator of someone shopping for a $60,000 car? So she or he can brag to friends about saving $500?

I, for one, believe the surveys. I’ve seen two gas stations side-by-side, one with prices $0.10 per gallon higher than the other — and both were equally busy. I’ve shopped for low prices when buying cars, and always left the dealership feeling that there was something I didn’t know — that somehow, some way, the salesman had fleeced me. Worst of all, as a salesman myself, in pursuing an order I badly needed for my manufacturing business, I cut the price myself — without even being asked! (I got the order, and promptly lost money on it.)

There’s an adage that opportunity lies in following a different path than everyone else and that applies to competing on price. It’s a desperate, flawed strategy that inevitably leads to a downward spiral of revenues and profits, as a fixation on low, low, LOW prices attracts the least desirable customers. In a sense, competing on price means that success is defined as being the last one to go broke. It keeps you in a constant state of vulnerability, which is a damn unpleasant way to earn a living.

So what about you? Are you caught in the low, low, LOW price trap? Or have you defined your business — and your customer value — in more meaningful (and margin-full) terms? I’m not suggesting that Low-Dollar Lou change his slogan to “High-Dollar Hal will be your Best Pal,” but he might have attracted different customers — and earned a better living — if he’d focused on something other than price.

Welk type werkgever is HGR? V & A met de boekhoudafdeling

HGR's accounting department
(l to r): Lonnie, Paul and Ed

(Courtesy of Guest Blogger Ed Kneitel, HGR’s controller)

Wat doet uw afdeling doen?

The Accounting Department is the financial hub of HGR. We work on daily cash reconciliation, processing vendor invoices and customer payments, and preparing monthly financial statements. We manage business relationships with our cell phone carrier, insurance carrier, network administrator, bank, phone company, Internet provider, cable TV provider, and anyone else that receives an HGR check. We support DataFlo, which is our accounting system, and work closely with our development team for support and enhancements. We have an open-door policy, and no issue is too difficult for us to tackle!

Hoeveel mensen werken in uw afdeling, en wat zijn hun rollen?

Paul, HGR’s chief financial officer, works on strategic business decisions, customer and vendor relationship management, managing our Austin Call Center and other special projects. Ed, HGR’s controller, manages the day-to-day activities of the department. Lonnie, HGR’s accounting assistant, works with vendors and customers to pay bills and receive payments.

Welke kwalificaties heb je nodig om succesvol te zijn in uw afdeling?

We never know when we will be asked to address, and it’s often a time-sensitive issue on short notice; so, we must be flexible and available at all times. We must be able to multi-task, have a good memory (most of the time!), excellent computer skills, an accounting background, understand accounting software, be very well-organized, and have good interpersonal communication skills.

Wat vind je het meest over uw afdeling willen?

HGR’s Accounting Department is never boring, since there is something new to do every day — whether we like it or not! We enjoy a challenge; so, bring it on!

Welke uitdagingen heeft uw afdeling geconfronteerd en hoe heb je ze te overwinnen?

Lonnie joined the department in November 2016 and has been a major factor in the success of the department during the last year.

Welke veranderingen in de manier waarop je afdeling zaken doet zich hebben voorgedaan in de afgelopen jaren?

We have integrated credit card processing into DataFlo, eliminating almost all errors. We also have made major enhancements to DataFlo that have saved time in data processing. We have implemented Smartsheet, a collaborative tool that allows salespeople to view customer wire and PayPal payments, which has eliminated numerous email.

Wat continue verbeteringsprocessen hoop je te implementeren in de toekomst?

We will be flowcharting HGR’s business processes, which will allow us to spot areas for improvement as we look to upgrade DataFlo. We also hope to further streamline the purchasing process by moving the entire inspection-to-P.O. function to Microsoft’s customer relationship management software (CRM).

Wat is de HGR de totale omgeving, zoals?

HGR is always buzzing with activity; there is no other company like it! Everyone is friendly, willing to chat for a few minutes, and genuinely cares about each other, both personally and professionally. We practice what we preach when it comes to our company values!

Wat is uw visie op de productie, overschot, investeringen herstel / product life cycle / apparatuur recycling?

HGR serves companies that can’t afford or don’t want to purchase new equipment, as well as companies interested in selling their used equipment. Our business model has proved the test of time throughout almost 20 years in business; so, there is definitely a market for the products and services that we provide. We are constantly moving inventory through our showroom as a result of purchases and sales; so, our “shelves” (okay, aisles and bays) always have new products on display.

Poka-Yoke It: Hoe foutbestendige apparaten menselijke fouten kunnen voorkomen


George Taninecz MPI Group(Courtesy of Guest Blogger George Taninecz, VP of research, The MPI Group)

While buying a pair of dress slacks recently, I was surprised to see the department manager using a mistake-proofing device to mark the pant length for tailoring. He placed an upside-down, Y-shaped tool on the floor and against the back of my pant leg.

At the top of the device, he marked a line on the trousers, which established the distance to the ground. Based on that line and the amount of break I wanted in the trousers, the tailor would know where to hem. Poka-yoke for pants.

Shigeo Shingo came up with the term “poka-yoke” (“mistake-proofing” or “inadvertent error prevention” in Japanese) in the 1960s when designing Toyota production processes that would not allow a human error to occur: “A poka-yoke device is an improvement in the form of a jig or fixture that helps achieve 100-percent acceptable product by preventing the occurrence of defects.”[1]

I first saw and used a poka-yoke device more than four decades ago. Every few years, my dad, who was a steelworker, would get 13 weeks of vacation. He often took this block of time during the summer to tackle a household project. In 1973, the job was to apply aluminum siding to our house. His crew was me, my brother, and one of my sisters (my other sister, who was an adult, missed out on the fun).

My dad set the bottom row of siding in place using a level and other means, taking his time to get it just right. Then, with the bottom row attached, each of us would grab our poka-yoke device, which was a piece of wood, shaped like an L. The short, horizontal leg matched the width of the bottom of the siding, and the top of the upright length established the vertical distance for the next piece of siding. We would push our devices against the attached siding and upward, rest the next piece of siding on top of the wood, and my dad would nail the perfectly located piece in place.

Even with the clever mistake-proofing tool, it still took a very long time for one adult and three teenagers to side a house. Fortunately, it also was the summer of the Watergate hearings. When the network broadcasts began, my dad would call it quits to watch. I still associate the southern drawl of Senator Sam Ervin, who headed the Senate Watergate Committee, with much-needed relaxation.

Since that summer of siding, I’ve seen a lot of poka-yokes:

  • In manufacturing plants, where devices prevent employees from reaching into machines and harming themselves or stop workers from selecting the wrong part or attaching a part in the wrong location or manner.
  • In buildings, where elevator doors won’t close if someone is between the doors, won’t open if the elevator is moving, or the elevator won’t move if the weight of individuals within the elevator exceeds a safe limit.
  • At my house, where the washer won’t run unless the door is closed, the mower won’t cut unless the safety bar is engaged, and the garage door won’t lower if a sensor indicates an object is in its way.

I wish mistake-proofing methods could be used for other, bigger problems and put an end to catastrophic outcomes. Imagine if you could apply a poka-yoke to prevent the suffering and dying of people simply because they cannot afford healthcare. Or to stop an evil assassin from stockpiling automatic weapons and killing dozens of unarmed civilians.

Maybe we can. Of course, how and where to apply the poka-yokes would require open, honest, and civil discourse. Real problem solving demands nothing less. Are we willing to try?

[1] Shigeo Shingo, translated by Andrew P. Dillon, A Study of the Toyota Production System, Productivity Press, New York, 1989.

Lokale fabrikant elimineert geluids- en vochtproblemen voor de bouwsector

Keene noise reduction Quiet Qurl sound control mat
Quiet Qurl® 55/025 MC sound control mat designed to limit impact noise between floors


Jim Keene Keene Building Products

How did Keene Building Products get its start?

Keene was started in 2002 as an importer but quickly began development of its production line. Although educated as an accountant, Jim Keene, the founder, became involved in the engineering of the system to produce the materials XCHARX a unique plastic extrusion process. Sales were simple since he was involved with many of the customers in the market.

Why was the decision made to locate in Euclid?

Jim’s home town is Richmond Heights, up the hill, but his father and mother went to Euclid High School. Euclid is a great place to manufacture, and Jim wanted to be a manufacturer.

How are the products that you manufacture used?

Keene Building Products is a manufacturer of three-dimensional filament products for the construction industry. Its noise products are designed for construction projects, such as multi-family apartments and condominiums to stop impact and airborne noise, while its building-envelope products can be utilized in wall, masonry, roofing, and foundation applications to eliminate moisture issues.

Starting as a plastic manufacturing company in 2002, Keene has innovated new construction tools in an effort to improve product performance for the market. At first, it only manufactured entangled net products in applications that had coatings and concrete all around them. Today, its capabilities include blending powders and creating chemicals. In addition to plastics extrusion, the company has expanded its expertise to floor-preparation products, below-grade systems, roofing, plastic fabricating and 3D filament.

How many employees work in the facility in Euclid?

30 employees but it will be increasing to 50 in the near future.

Tell us about your building expansion. How many square feet and why?Keene Building Products expansion

25,000 square feet for warehouse purposes that will allow us more room for manufacturing.

Are there ways that the company participates in the community?

Not yet!! We will soon.

What do you think is the biggest challenge that manufacturing currently faces?

Skilled labor

What does the future of manufacturing, especially in Northeast Ohio, look like?

The future is very bright here but we need to educate our young people better. Our schools are not up to par, and our workforce doesn’t graduate ready for the positions we need to fill.

Wat inspireert je?

Helping the people in our organization realize their career and financial goals.

Are there any interesting facts about Keene Building that most people don’t know?

  • Weatherhead 100 four years running
  • Two businesses in the award
  • Holder of 20 patents either issued or pending
  • Family business with other family members as part of the team
  • More likely to sell product on one of the coasts, with full North American coverage and sales in every state
Keene building envelope
Driwall™ Rainscreen 020-1, a drainage mat for exterior wall systems

Grammaticatips: et cetera en ellipsen

En de lijst gaat maar door ...

Wanneer we schrijven, geven we graag dingen aan die ontbreken in ons schrijven.

Op speciaal verzoek van een van onze callcentermedewerkers gaan we twee grammatica items bekijken die vaak in de war raken, enz. En ellipsen.

Et cetera (etc.)

Ten eerste is de vaak misbruikte en verkeerd doorspelde "enz." Enz. De afkorting voor "et cetera", wat betekent "en de rest. "Dus, schriftelijk, het betekent eigenlijk"en zo verder "of"en andere dingen "in dezelfde klasse als de objecten die u aanbiedt, maar niet in de lijst zijn opgenomen. Als u specifieke items op de lijst plaatst, moet u dit niet gebruiken.

Bovendien zou u "en enz." Niet moeten gebruiken omdat u "en en." Zou zeggen. En als u "zoals" of "bijvoorbeeld of bijvoorbeeld" eerder in de zin gebruikte, die we in deze blog, het is niet nodig om "etc." te gebruiken. Dat zou overbodig zijn omdat je al hebt aangegeven dat de lijst onvolledig is, omdat je slechts een paar voorbeelden geeft. Het is ook overbodig en onnodig om te zeggen "enz." Enz. En een laatste feitje: "enz." En "et al." Betekenen niet hetzelfde. 'Et al.' Moet worden gebruikt met een lijst met mensen, omdat het 'et alii' of 'en andere mensen' betekent.

Ongeacht waar het in de zin voorkomt, "enz." Vereist een punt na de "c" en een komma als het een lijst in het midden van de zin beëindigt:

  • Ik vind het leuk om alle attracties van het pretpark te berijden (het reuzenrad, achtbanen, botsauto's, carrousel, etc.).
  • Ik hou van paardrijden op reuzenraderen, achtbanen, botsauto's, draaimolens, enz., Maar mijn favoriet is de achtbanen.

Ellipses (...)

Nu, op ellipsen. Een ellipsen is die vervelende set van drie perioden (...). Vaker wel dan niet, wordt het onnodig gebruikt en verwart de lezer. Het moet voornamelijk in formeel schriftgebruik worden gebruikt om te laten zien wanneer een gedachte nadert, een schrijver pauzeert om de nadruk te leggen of om serieus na te denken, of om in geciteerd materiaal aan te geven dat inhoud is weggelaten, maar niet als het de betekenis van het citaat verandert .

Een manier om te voorkomen dat u ten onrechte een ellipsen gebruikt, is door gewoon de zin of gedachte af te maken. Dikwijls worden er ellipsen ingevoegd om een ​​soortgelijk doel te dienen als wanneer we "um" of "uh" zeggen wanneer we hardop praten om te laten zien dat we tijd denken of kopen. Het is als een ongemakkelijke stilte of keelopruiming. Of, soms wordt het gebruikt wanneer we onze gedachte afsluiten aan het einde van de zin zonder te eindigen door te impliceren dat we meer te zeggen hebben wanneer we dat niet doen.

Een voorbeeld van correct gebruik:

  • Mijn buurman vertelde me dat het echtpaar in de straat gaat scheiden omdat de vrouw ontrouw was. Met opgetrokken wenkbrauwen vroeg ik haar: "Denk je niet dat ze echt ...?"

Welk type werkgever is HGR? Koper Spotlight met Jeff Crowl

HGR Industrial Surplus Buyer Jeff Crowl and family
Back row (l to r): Logan Crowl, Jeff Crowl, Jeff’s Girlfriend Renee Marzeski, her daughter Maddy, her son Bill
Front row (l to r): Jeff’s son Ross and daughter Alexa with Renee’s son Dan

(Courtesy of Guest Blogger Jeff Crowl, HGR buyer)

Wanneer ben je begonnen met HGR en waarom?

I started with HGR on April 20, 1998. I signed on with HGR because I really liked what I did at the previous company many of us worked for and wanted to continue on that path.

Wat is uw grondgebied, en wat doe je op een dagelijkse basis?

My territory right now is most of the eastern part of Pennsylvania and most of the state of New Jersey. In the past, at different times, I also have covered Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, upstate New York, North Carolina, and Ontario, Canada. I have bought deals from sister plants that I dealt with in Texas and California. My days start between 5 and 5:30 a.m. Depending on where I am driving to, I may or may not have time to go into my home office and do some work. Then I’ll drive to wherever I have my inspections scheduled for the day. Once there, I go through and inspect the equipment and then I’ll either head home or to a hotel. Typically I get back home between 4 and 6 p.m., and most nights have two hours or so of email to answer and/or other opportunities to follow up on.

Wat vind je het leukste aan je werk?

What I like most about my job is probably all of the different things I see. Every day is different, every drive is different, every inspection is different, and every contact is different. Of all the companies I have visited in the last 20 years, it is amazing to me the different philosophies companies have. One company may be so clean that you could eat off the floor; others you feel like you need a shower when you leave them. One may hold on to unused equipment for many years, and others have policies that if they haven’t used it in three months they should get rid of it. But I just like that every day is different in one way or another.

Wat is je grootste uitdaging?

My greatest challenge is and always will be the hunt for good surplus to buy. We have to keep feeding the showroom so that everyone else in the company can do their thing.

Wat is je meest interessante moment HGR?

My most interesting moment at HGR. Wow, I mean it’ll be 20 years this April, so there are so many and also many that I have forgotten. I once accidently kicked a cat and really got scolded by the receptionist and once went to the house of a guy who we bought a deal from and he was not answering calls so I could get the equipment picked up. But I will go with a funny one that happened a few years back. I was in a facility where the contact showed me the equipment they were selling and left me alone and said to show myself out when I was finished. It was a nice cool day out, and as I was walking back to the front of the building there was a side door open and all I had to do was walk through the company lunch room which was being mopped by a lady. As I started to go through, she yelled over to me to be very careful because the floor was being stripped of the finish. Well, of course I saw her walking on the floor and thought for sure that being a nimble middle-aged buyer, I could do it no problem. So I kept walking and much to my surprise floor stripper is much more slick than soap and water. As soon as my feet hit that floor, they went out from under me and were instantly above my head as I landed flatly on my back and smacked my head on the floor. Embarrassed as I lay on the floor, I was trying to get up as quickly as possible so no one would see me. As I tried to prop myself up on an elbow to get up, they just kept slipping out from underneath me as I flopped around like a fish out of water. All I can remember is flopping around and hearing that woman who was stripping the floor laughing hysterically at me. After a few more flops, I was able to get to my feet and “skate” over to the side door to freedom. Bruised, battered, and my pride shaken, I walked to my car covered in the floor gel only to notice my Dell Tablet was smashed. So I then had to make the call to my manager and tell him what happened. Thankfully, he understood and thought the story was quite funny as well.

Wat doe je graag doet als je niet werkt?

My greatest joy when not working would be spending time with my family. I have three kids XCHARX a 26-year-old son, Logan; a 23-year-old daughter, Alexa; and a 20-year-old son, Ross. Logan lives in Pittsburgh; Alexa lives in Philadelphia; and Ross has one more semester until he finishes college. So, really anything I can do to see and be with them is all I need.

Wie is jouw held of grootste invloed / inspiratie, en waarom?

I would have to say my father was my greatest influence on me. He passed away in March 1993 from one of the few things I can actually say I hate – cancer. But he was just one of those people who worked hard and never complained and was someone you could always go to and talk to or ask anything of. He was a speech pathologist and last worked as a supervisor of speech and hearing. He was a very honest, moral, and funny person who is greatly missed.

Alles wat ik gemist heb dat je wilt dat iedereen weet?

One other thing I would like to mention is that my girlfriend, Renee, and her three children (Maddy, Bill, and Dan) also live with me. They range from 12 to 22 years of age. We have a busy house on holidays when everyone is home, but they are all great kids and fun to be around.

Het geschenk dat blijft geven

PSA Custom Creations HGR scuba tank bell

Back on Aug. 8, I hosted a blog by Guest Blogger Patrick Andrews, a former U.S. Army engineer diver turned artist who makes his creations from repurposed scuba tanks. Evidently, you liked his work because he shared that he noticed an increase in sales on his etsy site, PSA Custom Creations, shortly after the post ran. To thank HGR, he made us one of his bells with our colors and logo! It got hung in the sales office this week, just in time for the holidays. So, now, if you get a good deal at HGR, you can ring the bell and let us know you’re a happy customer. Thanks, again, Patrick, for the wonderful gift that will keep on giving. And, as you know from that famous movie Het is een Wonderful Life, “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.”

PSA Custom Creations scuba tank bell made for HGR

Welk type werkgever is HGR? Koper Spotlight met Jim Ray

HGR Buyer Jim Ray with his family

When did you start with HGR and why? 

I was one of the original 11 employees who opened HGR in May 1998. I resigned my position at another machinery dealer and started working at HGR because the challenge of building a new company from the ground up, although risky, sounded exciting and rewarding.

Wat is uw grondgebied, en wat doe je op een dagelijkse basis?

My territory consists of the southern 2/3 of Ohio, the southern 3/4 of Indiana, the eastern 2/3 of Kentucky and the southwestern 1/3 of West Virginia. On a daily basis, I visit manufacturing plants in my territory and inspect their surplus equipment. When I say inspect, I mean that I walk around, walk over, crawl under, climb over, and squeeze in between machinery and equipment in order to identify, evaluate and take pictures of it. At least one day per week (usually on Monday) I spend the day in my home office. Office days are typically long days spent calling and emailing vendors to follow up on offers I sent out, negotiate deals, following up on leads, scheduling appointments and communicating logistic needs to the transportations departments along with any other issues that needs to be addressed.

Wat vind je het leukste aan je werk?

What I like most about my job is being able to visit a wide variety of manufacturing facilities and seeing how different items are produced. I also enjoy meeting and negotiating with a wide variety of people, as well as managing my territory and staying organized.

Wat is je grootste uitdaging?

My greatest challenge is staying on top of my opportunities when I am busy.

Wat is je meest interessante moment HGR?

My most interesting or most memorable inspection was during an inspection of a well-known guitar and amplifier manufacturer. Their lobby was full of autographed guitars and life-sized posters. I am a music fan, and several of musician I listen to were represented on the walls. While walking through the plant toward the equipment they had for sale we passed the final test area where several guys who looked like rock stars who were jamming on guitars. One of the areas in which they had equipment for me to look at had about 50 pythons snake skins, all of which were at least 10-feet long, most being longer. Apparently snakeskin guitars are popular, and they actually use real snake skins to make them. That inspection was far from my typical automotive parts manufacture and has always stuck in my mind as being pretty cool.

Wat doe je graag doet als je niet werkt?

I enjoy remodeling projects around the house, and playing card and board games with my wife and three kids: Jillian (15), Matthew (13) and David (11). I also like the outdoors and enjoy camping, fishing and hiking. These days when I am not working, I am typically in a gym or at a field watching my kids play either soccer, basketball, volleyball or lacrosse. Thank goodness they all chose sports that I enjoy watching.

Wie is jouw held of grootste invloed / inspiratie, en waarom?

I would say my Dad has been the greatest influence on my life. He grew up as the son of a coal miner in Hazzard, Kentucky. He worked hard to put himself through college to obtain a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. He always worked hard to provide for our family and never complained about the travel and stress of his job. He lived a very modest life with my mom in order to put my brothers, sister, and me through college. I still look up to him and hope I will always be able to provide for my family the way he did for ours.

Alles wat ik gemist heb dat je wilt dat iedereen weet?

I am a big soccer fan and have played, coached and watched games my whole life. I enjoy watching The Barclays Premier League (England’s top league) and am a fan of Arsenal Football Club out of London, England. I rarely miss watching a match. At the top of my bucket list is to someday travel to London to watch Arsenal play in person.

Aan de vooravond van grootheid

Did you know that Cleveland was ranked by National Geographic as one of the top 21 best places in the world to visit? It was called, “An industrial city that pulsates with creative energy.” And, they noted neighborhoods with great restaurants, including Ohio City, Tremont and East 4th St. Cleveland came in at No. 14 and was one of only two locations in the United States that made the list. The selections were made based on an evaluation of the city, nature and culture. Cleveland ranked third for culture.

Here’s the full list so that you can see our competition:

  1. Harar, Ethiopia
  2. Jujuy provincie, Argentinië
  3. Tbilisi, Georgië
  4. Sydney, Australië
  5. Oaxaca, Mexico
  6. Wenen, Oostenrijk
  7. North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
  8. Malmö, Zweden
  9. Jordan Trail
  10. Dublin, Ierland
  11. Madagascar
  12. Santiago, Chili
  13. Phnom Penh, Cambodja
  14. Cleveland, Ohio
  15. Tetouan, Morocco
  16. Seoraksan National Park, South Korea
  17. Albanië
  18. San Antonio, Texas
  19. Labrador, Canada
  20. Friesland, Netherlands
  21. Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

We know that Cleveland’s great because of the amazing people and businesses that are located here. Although, I’m proud to call Cleveland home, I’ve made it to Vienna, Dublin, and San Antonio. Have you been to any of the 21 places on the list or have plans to visit soon?

Herinnering: HGR organiseert morgen een veiling

December 19, 2017 HGR auction

Make sure to get registered and preview the items in time for HGR’s auction tomorrow.

HGR Industrial Surplus werkt samen met Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers om een ​​in-persoon en online veiling te organiseren van activa van de voormalige Allison Conveyor Engineering bij 120 Mine St., Allison, Penn. Deze veiling omvat brugmolens, plasmatafels, fabricage- en lasapparatuur, CNC-bewerkingen en gereedschapruimten en ondersteuningsapparatuur.

Klik op hier voor meer informatie en om te registreren.

Welk type werkgever is HGR? V & A met de afdeling Human Resources van HGR

HGR Human Resources Manager Tina Dick en HGR Human Resources Assistant April Quintiliano
l tot r: HGR Human Resources Manager Tina Dick en HGR Human Resources Assistant April Quintiliano

(Met dank aan Gastblogger Tina Dick, human resources manager van HGR)

Wat doet uw afdeling doen?

De afdeling Human Resource verzorgt de personeelsbehoeften van HGR. Onze afdeling behandelt alle aspecten van human resources, rekrutering, onboarding, voordelen en compensatie, payroll, werknemersbetrokkenheid en retentie, evenals monitoring en het waarborgen dat we voldoen aan de staats- en federale voorschriften zoals ze van toepassing zijn op het bovenstaande.

Hoeveel mensen werken in uw afdeling, en wat zijn hun rollen?

Wij zijn een tweepersoonsteam. Ik ben de human resources manager en April is de human resources-assistent. Omdat we enkele dingen hebben geautomatiseerd, helpt April nu bij Voorraad, Verkoop en de afdeling Kopen en doet het geweldig werk!

Welke kwalificaties heb je nodig om succesvol te zijn in uw afdeling?

Er zijn verschillende competenties in human resources waar je moet streven naar vaardigheid om succesvol te zijn. Die competenties zijn: communicatie, relatiebeheer, ethische praktijk, zakelijk inzicht, kritische evaluatie, leiderschap, overleg en culturele effectiviteit. Kennis en praktijk op elk gebied helpen u om een ​​balans te behouden die een samenhangend partnerschap tussen organisatie en personeel bevordert.

Wat vind je het meest over uw afdeling willen?

De geboortekoekjes uitdelen natuurlijk!

Welke uitdagingen heeft uw afdeling geconfronteerd en hoe heb je ze te overwinnen?

Huren / retentie is en blijft de grootste uitdaging in elke HR-afdeling. We leven in een ontroerende samenleving waar mensen het volgende willen bereiken, en dat is oke. Als we een rol hebben gespeeld in iemands succes en ze zijn klaar om verder te gaan, zijn we blij dat we deel hebben uitgemaakt van de reis. Maar het doel zal altijd zijn om te kijken naar manieren om er beter in te worden. We hebben onze omzetcijfers bijna gehalveerd ten opzichte van vorig jaar.

Welke veranderingen in de manier waarop je afdeling zaken doet zich hebben voorgedaan in de afgelopen jaren?

Human Resources was drie jaar geleden geen formele afdeling. In die tijd hebben we met supervisors gewerkt om toegang te bieden tot formele training voor hun rol. We hebben schriftelijke processen ontwikkeld voor elke afdeling. We hebben het onboarding-proces geformaliseerd; onze nieuwe medewerkers komen met een formele oriëntatie en meer gestructureerde, gedocumenteerde training. We hebben prestatie- en doelgesprekken geïntroduceerd en geïmplementeerd. We hebben een recruteringssysteem opgezet compleet met een trackingsysteem voor sollicitanten, waarbij kandidaten online kunnen solliciteren en onze rekruteringsmanager kan hun cv online bekijken tijdens het samenstellen van kandidaten voor toekomstige vacatures. We werken nauw samen met onze CEO bij het ontwikkelen van een positieve bedrijfscultuur. We hebben medewerkers geholpen plannen van medewerkersbetrokkenheid te implementeren, bijvoorbeeld Earn Your Forks and Fly. Veel veranderingen, allemaal uitdagend en allemaal zeer de moeite waard!

Wat continue verbeteringsprocessen hoop je te implementeren in de toekomst?

Meer trainingshulpmiddelen. We zijn van plan terug te kijken naar enkele van de processen die we hebben ingevoerd en deze te verbeteren. Je moet altijd opnieuw bekijken wat je bent begonnen. Wat kunnen we veranderen? Wat werkt? Wat niet? Wat brengt technologie ons te bieden? Hoe kunnen we strategischer zijn? Blijf zoeken naar manieren om de communicatie open te houden.

Wat is de HGR de totale omgeving, zoals?

We hebben een familiale, teamgeoriënteerde omgeving, ook al hebben we kopers in het hele land en een callcenter in Austin. We proberen dat op de voorgrond te houden en iedereen te omvatten. Elke rol telt, of het nu in Euclid, Austin of de verschillende staten is waar onze kopers zich bevinden.

Wat is uw visie op de productie, overschot, investeringen herstel / product life cycle / apparatuur recycling?

Er zijn zoveel manieren dat wat HGR doet mensen beïnvloedt. Nieuwe start-ups, artiesten, overzeese bedrijven die product kunnen produceren met onze apparatuur. Aan de andere kant bieden we een goede service aan industrieën die vloeroppervlak moeten opruimen of de branche verlaten en een deel van hun investering willen terugverdienen. Ons bedrijfsmodel is uniek.

Wie is John Miller en wat is dit met een veiling?

Veiling hamer


HGR Buyer John MillerLike the old Donny & Marie song “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll,” John Miller, one of HGR’s buyers who is located in St. Louis, Missouri, is a little bit sales, a little bit buyer. He works with both HGR’s Sales Department and Buy Department to bring in leads for brokerage equipment that we can sell through our website and those leads that we can auction. So, his position is unique because the items that he brokers are not rigged out to HGR’s Euclid, Ohio, showroom.

How did John make his way to HGR, and what is his experience? Well, prior to working for HGR, he worked in the industrial auction and machinery sales field. He has a longstanding relationship with HGR on the client side. He sold equipment to HGR’s regional buyers in the past, which is how he developed a relationship with HGR prior to coming on board as an employee.

Prior to John coming on board in February 2016, HGR occasionally participated in auctions with its auctioneer partners, but now there’s a focus on the opportunities and on getting the business. Miller says, “We most often partner with Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers because they’re the top in the area for what they usually sell and what we usually sell. It’s a complimentary relationship that benefits both of our customers because our combined list of buyers and interested customers compliments each other.” HGR’s role in the auction process is to bring in leads for potential auctions and conduct the marketing for upcoming auctions through its website, email list and social media. Miller says, “We partner on six or seven auctions each year in the U.S. and Canada, and our goal is a couple of auctions per quarter. Nine times out of 10 the auction is being held because a plant closed.”

John’s auction leads often come from HGR’s buyers who are out in the field and may decide the situation is not a buy deal but rather an auction situation, and from HGR’s established relationships and contacts. He notes, “These auctions add to our value proposition for both customers that we buy from and customers that we sell to because we can either get things out of their plant immediately and into our showroom or maximize the value of the items by selling them from the factory floor at auction when moving them is not viable because would reduce the value. Auctions have been on the uptake for valuation recently.”

Hier is een link to HGR’s next online and in-person auction of the assets from the former Allison Conveyor Engineering at 120 Mine St., Allison, Penn. This auction on Dec. 19 includes bridge mills, plasma tables, fabricating and welding equipment, CNC machining, and toolroom and support equipment.

If you need further information about the auction process or have an auction lead, please contact John Miller at 636-222-0098 or Jmiller@hgrinc.com.



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